Sunday, August 2, 2009

weekend stuff

After Eric was done work Friday, I met him and we had dinner from Maoz falafel which I was very pleased to find out has one location in Paris. We sat by the river to eat, with Notre Dame behind us. In the first photo, you can see Eric there. Before that we sat at a cafe for a drink and people-watching. That you see in the last two photos. That is my new favorite drink, the Monaco, in all it's grenadine glory.
On Saturday we went to the American Library where they were having an awesome used book sale; everything was 1 or 2 euros each. We got a huge stack of books, then walked to the Eiffel Tower where we attempted to be cute and have a picnic. It started to rain, although we did manage to just finish eating first. So that was nice. Eric said he's never seen the Eiffel Tower so much as he did these least couple of weeks. I'm pretty sure that my obsession with it will last for a long time; it really is something else. Photos can't do it justice.

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