Friday, January 29, 2010

more from the beach in no particular order

So, I had all these nice comments written but they came out in the wrong order so I will just write everything here. So we stayed in this town called Deauville. There is an American film festival there in late summer or fall each year. On the boardwalk there are little huts with names of actors and directors. Eric is standing by Burt Reynolds because I requested it, and I'm standing by John Waters because I'm from Baltimore. There are also photos of nice seafood we had, including sea snails which I was not aware that people ate, fancy bread shaped like an alligator, a really nice hot chocolate with 4 little desserts I had, and breakfast we had in our hotel room. There are also nice posters from the beach. One is of a dirty bird who is acting exactly how you shouldn't on the beach, one is of a dog telling his owner not to forget the leash while the owner tells the dog to be clean on the beach, and one is showing dog poo and someone put sand on top of the dog poo on the sign which made it look like real poo almost and it was funny. Also there are horses running on the beach because there's a racetrack in town and that's where they exercise. We also spent a lot of time in the little town next door called Trouville. It was less like a tourist place and more like a year-round place. Most of the restaurants we went to were there. There is also a mouse in a bag and a mouse with a hat on. Oh yes, and Eric with his favorite guy Flaubert, and a bird on Flaubert's head. Also Eric in his cute new fisherman's knit hat. Oh, and also this truck picking up a recycling thing. It was so cool. See, on the sidewalk, it just looks like a regular garbage can. But then it's attached to this big box that's hidden underneath the ground so it holds a lot, and the truck comes along and picks the whole thing up to dump it. Awesome! Which reminds me, when we first got there we saw a horse pulling a wagon with a bunch of glass bottles in it, so I guess they recycle that way too. Huh.