Friday, December 18, 2009

random stuff

This is in a comic store near our house. I didn't know Buster Brown was anything but a shoe store...
Eric looking at his favorite, Gaston.
Street art.
The little store where I work.

Pont des Arts

I like the actor Romain Duris in the front there, and Eric likes Charlotte Gainsbourg in the back. The movie's not supposed to be so great though, I read. I just like the poster.
Nice cat poster in the metro.

Musee Bourdelle

I read an autobiography of Isadora Duncan earlier this year and was really interested in her because she was completely nutz. So when this exhibit came out I was excited to see it. The museum was nice, the exhibit was okay. I didn't take any photos inside because I wasn't sure I was allowed. They didn't have many things of hers actually, and there's only very brief film footage of her that I'd already seen on the internet, so most of it was just film of other people dancing like her and a lot of photos.

There were a lot of sculptures outside in the garden, done by the artist Bourdelle who used to live there.

chickens with feathers!

They are just sitting there in the boucherie cases right now, dead and unplucked. Festive!!!

City Hall is pretty at night

moody cat in santa hat