Monday, August 24, 2009

random Montmartre

These are from a couple of early morning walks we took recently. First we have the moon still in the sky.
Then a cat sleeping in a shop window.
Streets, blah blah.
Candy apple window display.
Empty Montmartre!
Eerie and so nice!
A menu.
From the steps of Sacre Coeur.
A real nun coming out of Sacre Coeur!
Like Lisa!
Cat art on a balcony. A little odd.
Empty streets.
Old scooter with famous Lapin Agile cabaret.
Lapin Agile (fast rabbit)
Me in front of the cabaret. I've never seen this place actually open once, I don't know what its deal is. They still have a website up.
Door knocker looks like a hand. I didn't want to get closer because I could hear people right inside and I didn't want to be creepy.
Another empty street.
Cats on a wall.
Cat teapot. On a wall.
Cute restaurant.


I love the way that guy passing behind is looking at him.

dinner in Montmartre

We went to a tiny little cafe on Saturday night and had tartines, which are like open faced sandwiches. They might not look that awesome but I assure you, they were. The star item of the evening was a hot chocolate I got; they serve it with the chocolate in the bottom of a bowl, then you add the milk yourself and sugar if you want because the chocolate is very dark. It was decadent and huge; we ended up sharing it.

street art & invader sightings & pet store signs

I liked how the deer on the wall was hiding behind real foliage. And under the cat it says "No God, No master, No cat food. And the last 2 cats are from a pet store.

back to the park

We took a walk the other day and went first to Square Batignolles, then to Park Manceau where the water chickens are. The statue playing the piano is Chopin.