Monday, August 10, 2009

a scare on the Metro

So, yesterday Eric and I had just gotten on the subway, and the doors closed, and the train hadn't started moving yet but then we heard all this screaming from a few cars down. Everyone stood up and looked and people started pulling the emergency levers. There was more than one person screaming and it sounded really awful. So all the doors opened and everything stopped, and we got out and looked but didn't see anything. Eric learned from listening to a bunch of people talking that a group of teenage girls had run to get the train at the last minute before the doors closed, and all but one got in. The last one got her arms or hand or something caught in the doors, which of course are made not to crush you but the girl panicked and I guess thought that the train would start rolling, pulling her along. She and her friends freaked out and they were all screaming. The funny part is that once the doors opened, the girl was fine, but the whole group of them went running back up the steps and out of the station because they were all so embarrassed. The rest of us were left with a delayed train and an annoyed conductor who had to walk along all the cars with a key to reset the emergency levers. The lesson here is to just wait for the next train. Voila!

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