Sunday, August 2, 2009

cats and chocolate

Lisa got a surprise in the mail last week from her Aunt Lauren in Baltimore; a catnip mouse that she absolutely adores. It is the first toy she's gotten that she's absolutely nuts about. I am proud to say that she will run to get it when one throws it, then will pick it up in her mouth and carry it back to them. It is amazing to me that she will do this, playing fetch like a dog. She is smart.
Also, here is a photo of a brazen little cat I saw outside a restaurant in St. Germain a few days ago. I guess he lived there, and it was lunch hour, and he was on the sidewalk in front and wouldn't budge for anyone. Crowds of people were walking up and down this street at this time although you can't see from my photo, and they'd have to step over him or walk around him because he wasn't going anywhere. I loved it. Also notice the two men inside wondering why I'm taking a photo. They should mind their own business and get back to eating.
Also here we have some chocolate pastry action. These literally brought tears to my eyes.


  1. i like that little guy on the sidewalk. that's really funny!

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  4. Carly, I know, that cat was so great!

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