Thursday, August 6, 2009

sculpture of the day

This is called "Fers" (French for iron), by Driss Sans-Arcidet. It was just unveiled in April of this year, and is in homage to General Thomas-Alexandre Dumas. There had been a statue of him put up in 1906, but the Germans took it down just before Hitler visited the already-occupied Paris. General Dumas was a prisoner for a couple of years during the French Revolution, but never a slave, so some people think the sculpture is inaccurate and misleading since it represents broken slave shackles. I thought that it was really an impressive sight, whatever the case may be. I got my info for this history lesson from Wikipedia.

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  1. When I saw this again, I looked at the sign by it and it said that the "constructeur" is Dominique Tillard. I don't know if that means the artist and that Wikipedia had it wrong, or what. Anyway.