Monday, August 24, 2009

dinner in Montmartre

We went to a tiny little cafe on Saturday night and had tartines, which are like open faced sandwiches. They might not look that awesome but I assure you, they were. The star item of the evening was a hot chocolate I got; they serve it with the chocolate in the bottom of a bowl, then you add the milk yourself and sugar if you want because the chocolate is very dark. It was decadent and huge; we ended up sharing it.


  1. the open-faced sandwich... what exactly is that strip of cheese melted over? is that like a french cheese steak sandwich?

  2. I can't remember and neither can Eric; probably Emmental or Gruyere or something. It was like a steak sandwich a bit-that's probably why I liked it so much. It had some garlic and stuff in it too though.

  3. That chocolate drink looks fantastic.
    Missed that too when we were in Paris. :o(
    YOU would be a great tour guides, Holly and