Wednesday, June 17, 2009

weekend in Troyes

So last weekend, Eric and I took a train to a little medieval town in the Champagne region called Troyes. There were very old houses that reminded me of Shakespeare and Snow White, and we ate good food and drank (real!) champagne and relaxed by fountains and watched people and it was quiet and really nice. The train ride was about 90 minutes, and I really liked seeing the French countryside between Paris and Troyes. There were a lot of pretty churches there, and a ton of hair salons for some reason, and also one really big really old cathedral where Joan of Arc had stopped one time. The town also had a lot of cat-themed shops, and there was a street called "La Rue aux Chats." We bought a souvenir of a magnet celebrating this; we particularly like it because the kitten looks too big for the street.