Friday, June 19, 2009

some pleasing sights

These are, in order:
-a goat cheese van
-a large temporary bunny sculpture sponsored by a famous department store, Printemps
-wonderful squirrel coasters from Carly!
-sign for a squash club near our house
-some street art
-a sign at a florist inside Gare de l'Est utilizing Munchichi
-a sign at a park in Troyes that is not friendly to dogs, I think...?


  1. MONCHICHI!RAD! I haven't seen them in ages!!! Also, giant pink bunny is pretty amazing. Glad you like the coasters:)
    What exactly is a "goat cheese truck"? Is it like a lunch truck?

  2. ha! well, it was a truck delivering cheese, and it had a nice painting of some goats on it. that's all i know.

  3. Eric says that the French call Munchichi "KiKi"

  4. Love all of your pictures, Holly dear! What fun! You are doing a great job keeping us up to date on your new homeland. Thanks so much.

    I wrote you a letter that came back today, so will put it on Face Book.
    Saw Rhona Wed. night and she said she'd talked to you that day!
    Glad to hear you are doing great and I wish you and Eric the very best always. Love, Jane

  5. This is a test to see if I can get my message through. We saw on the BBC show The f word that people were eating a new delicacy, horse. Have you seen anything like that?

  6. News from this side of the pond is that today is Nude Hiking Day. See you on the trails.

  7. Miss you all and thanks for the comments! About the horse meat thing, I had asked Eric a long time ago if he'd ever had it, and he said that once he had had a horse meat steak but that you can't find it everywhere. So far, I have not seen it on any menus, at least as far as I know. I will keep my eyes open though and report back.

  8. Chezia FINALLY gave me the name of your blog again! Yay!

    I noticed in an earlier post you were having trouble with photos. I preferred to use Photobucket or Flicker and just cut and paste URLs. I always found Blogger kind of wonky.

  9. Thank you for the tip! I will try that next time. I like to pull things right off my memory card from my camera, so it's handy to do it this way, but I just really don't like the way it looks sometimes...

  10. I know I keep commenting on your pics but they add so much. I especially like the pink bunny too Carly. I remember when I was in Paris 22 years ago there were all kinds of interesting sculptures and things on the sidewalks and streets. Thanks for keeping us posted. Love, Rhona

  11. my pleasure! and I tried the different way of posting photos that Renee suggested with my snapfish account, but i haven't quite figured out the details yet so for now I'll keep posting them in whatever order they show up. I'm getting used to it now, anyway. whatev.