Friday, June 5, 2009

the first day

so, since I've already been here for a month and was getting anxious about where I should start with this blog, I've decided to just jump right in, look on my camera, and see what I have on there starting at the beginning. so, here is a small selection just to get me started. first, the French countryside from the plane just before landing. I know, we've all seen this sort of thing out of plane windows but seeing this felt so strange and exhilarating to me, knowing that I wasn't just coming for a visit, but that this would be my new country, at least for a while.
then, the very night that I arrived, a good friend from the U.S. was in Paris so we met up with him, along with 2 great French friends. I was terribly jet-lagged, and would remain so for about a week after, so that is my excuse for my disheveled look in this photo. we are sitting by Canal St. Martin ( I think) outside a club where Tim, the U.S. friend, was doing sound for a band that night, and I was impressed that we were allowed to carry drinks around outside.

as I'm writing this it's becoming clear that I don't know how to position these photos the way I want to. they are in the wrong order and should be positioned with each paragraph. oh well, I'll figure it out eventually. so, last (actually first photo now), there is a photo from later that night. the club got very crowded, and here it is as we're walking back to the subway after dinner at a cafe down the street, shown from across the canal. I was sooo tired but really happy to see friends, and of course, Eric. I had a little moment of freaking out when Tim had to go inside to work. We had been talking, in English you know, and he said bye, and I could only hear French all around me and I realized that was the way it was going to be from now on. I watched him walk away and got pretty emotional for a few minutes. plus I was jetlagged, that had a lot to do with it too I'm sure.


  1. Beautiful pics Holly. So glad ur up & running. love it already.

  2. Awww. I almost cried a little reading your last few sentences.

  3. I know. freakout moments are happening less and less, but they're inevitable I suppose. the culture shock is very real!