Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Vincent Gallo vs. Robert Downey, Jr.

Eric and I were talking about movies we'd like to see this weekend. I'm not sure if Sherlock Holmes is open yet here, but I've been seeing ads for it in the subway, so I chose that because of, well, mostly, Robert Downey, Jr. and his utterly ridiculous sexiness. Eric chose Tetro first because it's Coppola, and second because, and I quote, "To me, Vincent Gallo is the most sexy man." Nice! I told him I couldn't have that conversation with any man except for a French one.


  1. What did you see? I wouldn't mind seeing Gallo is something he didn't write or direct.

  2. I tend to agree with Eric more than you on this one my friend.

  3. Ah well. It's okay. Don't get me wrong, Gallo is sexy too, but I also have an idea that he's more full of himself than Downey. I feel like Downey is self deprecating, and while I love Buffalo 66, I love Home for the Holidays even more because I'm a dork. So we haven't seen either yet, but tomorrow or Sunday we will. I will let you know.