Sunday, September 27, 2009

I'm here!!!

I know I haven't written in a long time so I will make up for it by inundating you with many many photos that may or may not be interesting to you. Beginning with this cute sushi sign.
Cheese & gourmet shop when it's closed.
Our neighborhood's city hall. A lot of these photos are from my first bus ride...Eric and I took a bus across the top of the city a couple weeks ago to go to a great park called Buttes-Chaumont that I had never been to before.
Look familiar?
Ad on the side of a bus.
Chicken Spot! This photo could totally be from any American city I think.
Inside the bus when it's crowded.
And not crowded. It was really fun actually and not scary at all.
I just liked the name of this place. Sassy.
Not a very good photo I know, but we were in traffic. Anyway, it's a high school after it just let out with kids hanging out in front.
Ok, this is in the park now. This is a marionette theater that was obviously closed at that moment. Or puppets, or whatever. You know what I mean.
And games for kids. It was during school time so there weren't many around, but they still kept it open. Pirates!

This place felt like we were completely outside of the city.
There was a waterfall, and this guy was standing in the cave thing under it doing that exercise thing where you move very slow, you know? I don't know what it's called. Of course, you see groups of people doing that in parks sometimes, but whenever I see a single person, I'm always impressed with their nerve.

Action shot.
If you look close you can see this dear little Jack Russell running up the hill with a ball.

Look! There's Sacre Coeur in the distance!
There was this tower thing you could climb up to. Well, not climb exactly, but walk up steps to.
Et voila!


  1. So you a park with a cave waterfall (beautiful) inside the city. That's pretty amazing!

  2. yes it's really beautiful there. i was amazed.