Wednesday, July 1, 2009

swimming pool

Yesterday I went to the east side of Paris on the left bank to see what La Piscine Josephine Baker was all about. It's a swimming pool on a barge floating in the Seine. I had never seen anything like that so I was curious. In a few weeks, Paris Plage opens, which is a free thing that the City does in which they close down some roads along 2 parts of the river and 1 canal to traffic, add sand and beach chairs and snack stands and beach games, and everyone can go and hang out and pretend they're at the beach. This pool was created to be part of that a few years ago but is now open all year round. They close the top when it's cold of course but it's open-air now. So, I went to see, and sat and watched it for awhile to see how it all worked. The top deck is for sunbathing, the pool is on the bottom, and as you can see, there was quite a line. It never looked too crowded inside, and it appeared that they'd let in a group of people every time some came out. I couldn't tell if they were on hourly shifts or what. The people in line seemed confident that they'd eventually get in though so I guess whatever the system is, it works. I noticed that everyone in the pool was wearing swimming caps, so I guess that's a rule, and I also noticed that a few girls on the top deck had their bikini tops off, but maybe not as many as you'd imagine. Some guys were standing on some steps near where I was sitting, trying to look like they were just casually surveying the scene, but I'm sure they were up there so they could get a better view of that. The first photo I included because of the guy with funny pants.


  1. Are you going to go there and swim? It seems like it would be fun to get inside.

  2. i would like to try once and see how it goes, but not by myself. there are also other boats docked next to it that have just sun decks and bars and you can go on them for free as long as you buy drinks. that sounds like a pretty good idea also.

  3. Looks like alot of fun even if you don't go for a swim. Everyday's a new adventure.

  4. We're getting ready to go to Grill Art, so I've just checked your posts for like the last two months. Like the funny pants. I just asked Jon if we can respond with our own photos, but he doesn't know. If not, we can e-mail you some. My life during the summer is similar to yours-walk around with a camera. My plan for tonight is to take the camera to Grill Art and see what happens.

  5. Holly dear: Those cookies look scrumptious! Wow!
    Love your story about the swimming pool on the barge! French people know how to have FUN! If you aren't near a beach, make one!
    Soon you will have sand and sand chairs! I love it. Hope you and Eric can go have a day at the Paris beach!

    Happy to hear about Lisa, the new kitty! Pix please!! Give her a pat and a hug from me.
    Love and hugs to you from us. HAPPY 4TH OF JULY! Jane and Don

  6. I'm definitely visiting you next summer. We have to go swimming on the barge...I'm still keeping my top on though.