Thursday, June 10, 2010

Carly's visit....a loooong time ago, with apologies

So, Carly visited way way way back in February, around the same time that I stopped blogging completely for personal reasons mainly involving laziness and a fear of posting so many Eiffel Tower photos that everyone would get sick of it and not want to read anyway. She sent me tons of beautiful photos she'd taken shortly after her visit, and here is a selection of the first half. I hope to post some from the second half before too long. I'm sorry Carly!!! **I just checked back and see that all of my captions are off...I can't figure out how to fix it but you'll get the idea I hope.

Here's Lisa in her corner on the radiator, and a curious movie poster... it's Hasselhoff!!!

The name of this street translates to "road of the cat who fishes." Then there's Carly with her first real French baguette!!!

Carly with the Louvre pyramid. Then marks made along the Seine to show different flood heights. Ha, look, someone put "catsup '04." That is hilarious if you ask me.

Just a few of the many steps from hell in my neighborhood.

Carly with the Tower and Carly being jaunty.

Interesting piece of art and a really gorgeous photo of the Tower taken from the esplanade on the far side that I don't go to very much.

We took a tour bus all around town and it was really fun even if it was awfully cold sometimes riding on top.

Optician ads with monkeys.

Thank you for visiting Carly! Love you!!!


  1. I'm so glad you posted! I was seriously just thinking about you last night. I was going to ask Jeanette if she'd heard from you. Lovely photos!

  2. Thank you!!! I hope you're doing well!!! Your photo is really pretty.

  3. Glad you are so happy. Wish I could see you. Love, Ma ma

  4. Love you too! Do you have your passport yet?

  5. woo hoo! my visit has been documented!!!