Sunday, November 22, 2009

autumn in our little neighborhood

our apartment courtyard

"I am a succulent roast chicken"

escargot shop


  1. Yum, is Eric eating pho in that picture? I found a really awesome spot by my new job (around Catonsville), and I've been hitting it up pretty much biweekly. I think I'm almost pho-ed out but not yet.

  2. Yes, it's pho. Do you remember that place you and me saw up near the metro near my house? And you asked me if we'd been there yet? Anyway, it's one of our new favorite places, and the guy speaks English to me and we love it there. The food comes up from the basement kitchen on a dumb waiter, it's awesome.

  3. Please describe pho. It looks delicious and I think I must have some. When I see you in the pictures, I smile and miss you.