Saturday, April 4, 2009

the final countdown...

So, my husband and I were married almost 2 weeks ago and he's gone back to France for work. As for me, I'm finishing up my work here and waiting for the French consulate in DC to call me to let me know I can come back for my spouse visa which will allow me to stay in France permanently (assuming I file the proper paperwork, etc., once I get there). That will be later this month, then I'll be free to go and start my new life with my new husband and I'm really looking forward to it. We've been waiting for this for so long! So, this is just an introductory blog; I've never done this before so I'm just getting a feel for how it works. I wanted to have it set up before I get over there in a few weeks. You can read a bit more about how I ended up with a French guy in the "About Me" section.
I hope to use this as an outlet to talk about my daily adventures and embarrassments (of which I'm expecting many!), and I also want to share photos I take as I get to know Paris and find my place in it.


  1. LOVE this idea, Holly! This way, you and Eric won't seem so far away!
    Thanks so much for including us! See you soon, we hope.
    Love, Jane and Don

  2. Holly you continue to impress me. I love the blog and look forward to following your adventures.